The Power of Pinterest Marketing for eCommerce Brands

Pinterest marketing can be extremely beneficial for eCommerce brands. You can learn more about some benefits and strategies here.

Did you know that 300 million people use Pinterest each month? That’s a lot of people you could potentially be reaching!

If you’re an online business looking for more ways to market yourself, Pinterest is a viable option. Its wide reach can help you garner a bigger audience. But as a newcomer, you might not know how to use Pinterest for blogging.

Don’t get discouraged yet.

This guide will help you understand how Pinterest empowers eCommerce brands. Discover what you need to help your business grow:

Why Use Pinterest for eCommerce Brands?

Pinterest is a lucrative opportunity since 93% of the platform’s users use it to plan, research, and make purchases. It’s the highest rate compared to other social media platforms featuring a marketplace. It also simplifies your customers’ shopping experience.

For example, users looking for a new pair of shoes will do a quick search on Pinterest. They can continue scrolling through the results until they find their desired pair. They can pin the image to their boards if they want to look at it later.

But they’re more likely to look into the retailer’s product page for more information. There, they’ll find out whether their size is available and if they have other designs in stock. This process is important to users since it determines whether they go past the consideration stage of the customer journey.

Most users compare similar products before choosing what to buy. They’ll often only go to one or two websites to do their research. But with Pinterest, they can do their search within the same website and find the retailer after choosing.

If you want to start your Pinterest strategy, make a business account. It’s a necessity since a business account allows you to post ads and use analytics. Adding boards and content means more tracking data, enabling you to discover your most-viewed Pins and more.

How to Do Pinterest Marketing for eCommerce Brands

Now you know the main advantages of using Pinterest. The next step is to use the platform for proper eCommerce marketing. To get started with your business, here are ways to use the platform to increase your sales:

1. Add share Pins to Your Product Pages

Your customers can learn about your products when they spend time on your website. When they click on your product page, invite them to follow you on Pinterest. This is an invaluable opportunity since they’re likely to share your brand within their network.

This strategy is easy, especially if WordPress hosts your online store. Pick widgets that add Pin buttons to your product pages automatically. Once done, your aim is to increase the clicks.

A simple strategy is to add a call to action (CTA) on every product page. It should compel while maintaining conciseness, to ensure they follow through your favorable actions. For example, ensure that your customers know that they can save your product on Pinterest if they’re not sure whether to buy your product yet.

With a business account, use your analytics to find out the products that get the most Pins and visits on your Pinterest page. Take the extra mile and use these product pages to share your Promoted Pins. It boosts your website sales since around 50% of users buy products they saw on a Promoted Pin.

2. Add “Shop the Look” Pins

Pinterest’s constant evolution shows their dedication to meeting its users’ changing needs. An important change is their Shop the Look Pins feature. When users click on Pins showing fashion and home décor, they can buy the products by clicking the white dots appearing on it.

The resizable overlay appearing on these Pins allow users to know the product they might find interesting. For example, if a user zeros-in on a chair within the Pin, chairs with the same design will appear on the right, allowing them to browse through.

With this feature, users can buy the product without accessing an external website. It makes the customer experience more seamless. This means the buying process becomes faster, with customers doing product comparisons without leaving Pinterest.

To get started with these Pins, use the platform’s tagging tool to make the Pins. During the creation process, tag your images with links that lead users to your product pages. For larger eCommerce stores, you can use third-party plugins to make large-scale Pins.

3. Use Alternating Content Formats

Pinterest serves as a search engine focusing on discovering new visual information. With millions of images that users can scroll through, it’s best to strategize when sharing visuals. A good method is to use various image types when sharing.

For example, when users search your Pinterest for ideas on shoes for a specific event, the quality of your domain and pins makes more of your images appear. If you want users to pay attention to your other pictures, make your images distinct from each other.

Remember, the quality of your visual content can decide your customer retention rates. That’s why doing something varied compared to your competition can get you more leads. That way, your potential customers can move through the sales funnel faster.

4. Share Complementary Pins

Pinterest boards need frequent updates to keep users coming back for more. But the most important component is to share something beyond your products. It means not sharing your competitors’ content, but Pins that support your brand’s value.

When you pin content beyond your products, it shows that you care for something more than making sales. This helps them find more common ground with your brand. When customers resonate with your business, the more likely it is for them to buy from you.

Start Your Pinterest Strategy Today!

These are some ways for eCommerce brands to market themselves on Pinterest. If you want to capitalize on the wide reach of this platform, follow these tips. These will help you capitalize on its features and make your customer experience more seamless.

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