Ta Appliances

A showcase of how our agency revitalized the online presence of Ta Appliances, a seasoned Canadian appliance company. Through implementing a robust and flexible eCommerce solution, we managed to reshape their digital experience, boosting SEO and amplifying marketing efforts.
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In their 60+ years in business, Ta Appliances had been constrained by a rigid eCommerce platform that severely limited their digital marketing potential. Their existing website hindered their SEO efforts and made the deployment of diverse marketing campaigns near impossible. This inflexibility was a key challenge that hampered their growth and evolution in the online retail arena.


Our solution was to migrate Ta Appliances to the Travelflight Plus platform. This platform, renowned for its flexibility, allowed us to craft a tailored solution that unlocked Ta Appliances' full online potential. We built a series of features into the website, including product discounting, promotional capabilities, and brand-specific landing pages, breathing new life into their digital presence. The website has since seen constant updates, leading to an impressive surge in SEO performance and a series of successfully implemented marketing campaigns. As always, we followed our solution with a commitment to continuous improvement and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), ensuring we continually learn, implement, and refine solutions for Ta Appliances' customers.
Product page

Product Page: A Curated Shopping Experience

Understanding that purchasing appliances is a complex decision-making process, we carefully constructed the product pages with structured sections. This approach allowed us to decompose the information, guiding customers to focus on one aspect at a time, thereby simplifying their shopping journey.
responcive design

Optimizing for Mobile

Predicting the growing trend towards mobile shopping, we made certain that the Ta Appliances website was fully mobile responsive. This ensured a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience, irrespective of the device used.

Merchandising: Guiding Product Discovery

Recognizing that finding the right appliance could be a daunting task for customers, we placed a significant focus on merchandising. By providing easy and efficient means for customers to explore and discover products, we made the shopping journey more enjoyable and less overwhelming.
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A new vision
A new vision
A new vision
A new vision

Complementary Sections: Enhancing User Experience

Across the website, we incorporated a variety of sections aimed at enhancing the customer experience. From aggregated reviews from Bazaarvoice, showcasing testimonials from multiple manufacturers and retailers, to live shopping and promotions, we wove a cohesive narrative throughout the site.
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