Ascend , a company committed to making cardio and fitness equipment affordable, confronted a steep challenge in an industry dominated by steep pricing and physical store purchases. Our agency stepped in to enhance their digital presence, streamline their customer journey, and create a clear pathway from product discovery to checkout, thus boosting their online sales.
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Ascend  navigated a unique landscape - a shift from traditional physical store purchases to online shopping for significant investments like cardio equipment. The primary issue was the fear of customers feeling lost or overwhelmed while making online decisions about high-stakes purchases. To combat this, the website needed to offer clarity, reassurance, and a sense of familiarity as if customers were physically inspecting the products.


Our agency adopted a comprehensive approach, ensuring every part of the customer journey was intuitive, reassuring, and resonated with Ascend's mission. We ensured that the website, product pages, and checkout process were seamless and user-friendly. Our solutions did not stop at the initial launch; we remained committed to continuous improvement and conversion rate optimization (CRO), consistently analyzing customer behavior and data to enhance various website sections and ensure ongoing performance improvement.
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Guiding Decisions with Clarity

We tackled the potential for 'analysis paralysis' by providing clear specifications and comparisons for each product. Differentiating factors were highlighted, enabling customers to identify the best fit for their specific needs.
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Reimagined Product Page Experience

Our team reinvented Ascend's product pages with a focus on replicating the in-store experience for customers shopping online. With carefully curated high-resolution images, detailed product specifications, and integrated customer testimonials to provide a comprehensive overview of each product.

This strategic layout aimed to foster confidence in customers, providing them with all the necessary information to make an informed purchase decision, thus bridging the gap between physical and digital shopping experiences.
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A new vision

More Than a Product - Building a Brand

We recognized that Ascend was more than their products; their mission to make affordable fitness equipment accessible to all needed to resonate throughout the website.

Complementary pages detailing their mission, vision, and team were created to establish a deeper connection with customers.

Seamless Checkout Experience

Upon the customer's decision to purchase, we minimized any obstacles that could hamper the transaction. A simple, detailed cart and an uncomplicated checkout process ensured a frictionless path to purchase.
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Easy to Choose

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