Maison Faure

This case study unveils our strategic approach in rebranding Maison Faure's online presence. Our intervention enhanced user experience, simplified navigation, and ensured a seamless transition from physical to digital for their customers. We successfully delivered a comprehensive online platform that offered not only an array of delectable pastries but also a booking system for their renowned baking school.
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Maison Faure, a renowned pastry shop, had high expectations for their website to mirror the quality and sophistication of their physical store. With a variety of products and services, the challenge was to ensure the website was easy to navigate, facilitating online ordering, pickup, and delivery. The aim was to replicate the ease and charm of walking into their physical store, eliminating any need for customers to process excess information or face unnecessary complexities.


Our solution was to adopt a foundational approach to the website design, ensuring well-presented content, proper navigation, and interlinked information. We endeavored to guide customers effortlessly through their online journey. We continuously improved our strategies and conducted Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) exercises to understand user behavior and implement better solutions for Maison Faure's customers.
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A Mobile-First Approach

Anticipating that customers would be on the go while placing orders, we adopted a mobile-first approach. The aim was to make the online ordering process as easy and intuitive as a phone call, reducing potential conversion drop-offs and facilitating seamless orders anytime, anywhere.
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Tailored Product Pages

To cater to different product groups, we developed multiple product page templates. These templates were designed to accommodate various sizes, box types, delivery methods, and choices, ensuring that every product was showcased effectively and that every detail was covered.
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Preserving Heritage and Branding

Maison Faure isn't just a pastry shop; it's a brand with rich heritage and years of business history. We ensured that the website reflected this, imbuing the platform with the brand's essence and highlighting its established reputation and heritage beyond just the products.
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Integration of
Professional Courses

Maison Faure also offers a highly renowned baking school, and our solution included seamless integration for customers to book these professional services and courses.

This feature catered to both professional certifications and public-facing courses, further expanding the website's functionality while retaining the brand's charm and appeal.

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Complementary pages

n addition to the product and service pages, we designed and developed a suite of complementary pages that played a crucial role in building and solidifying Maison Faure's online reputation. This involved creating custom pages for 'made-to-order' products, which highlighted their commitment to personalized service and premium quality.
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