Kiki Milk
Kiki Milk, a pioneer in plant-based milk, faced the challenge of effectively conveying its unique market position and expanding its product range online. Although their website was distinct and well-branded, it struggled in communicating product value and versatility in product line expansion. Our team's mission was to refocus the branding to spotlight the products and build a flexible web infrastructure for diversified offerings.
Kiki Milk's primary challenges were two-fold. Firstly, their unique branding overshadowed product communication, failing to highlight the distinct advantages of their offerings. Secondly, their web infrastructure was rigid, limiting expansion into new product lines like butter and nut milk.
Our team undertook a strategic overhaul of Kiki Milk's branding to ensure the product, not the brand, was the hero. We restructured the website to support diverse product launches and focused on conveying the benefits of Kiki's plant-based products to families and environmentally-conscious consumers. We also emphasized continuous improvement to adapt to evolving market needs.

Balancing Brand and Usability

The homepage redesign focused on striking a balance between a playful, brand-centric approach and conversion optimization. We infused the website with color, fun elements, and engaging visuals while ensuring a user-friendly experience. This balance is crucial in connecting with consumers and offering an optimal online journey.
Product page

Synergizing Information
and Products

The product page received significant attention, enhancing the linkage between different products and providing comprehensive product information. This approach not only facilitated cross-selling but also educated customers about the unique benefits of each product in the Kiki Milk range.
A/B Testing
Shopify Plus

Streamlined for Expansion

As Kiki Milk expanded its product range, it became crucial for the website navigation to intuitively guide customers to various product categories. Our redesign ensured that customers could easily find and explore Kiki's diverse offerings, enhancing the shopping experience.
Collection Page

Visually Engaging
and Direct

We redesigned the collection pages to be visually captivating, moving away from traditional layouts. This design choice was aligned with Kiki Milk's brand essence, providing a straightforward and enjoyable browsing experience that effectively showcased their product range.

A new vision

A new vision

Education and Engagement: Right Information, Right Place

A key aspect of our strategy was to provide tailored information that resonated with Kiki Milk's target audience. We focused on educating consumers about the benefits of plant-based products and creating a sense of community among like-minded individuals. This approach ensured that customers felt informed and connected, fostering trust and loyalty.
typography & color pallete
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Typeface #3
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