The Saree Room
The Saree Room, a leading boutique in South Asian fashion, faced significant challenges with its online presence. Despite a strong focus on product design and community building, their website lagged in user experience, product discovery, and authority, undermining customer trust. Our agency stepped in to align their digital presence with the quality of their products through a comprehensive website overhaul.


The Saree Room's primary challenge was a website that failed to reflect the quality and design of its products. This disconnect led to a lack of consumer trust and authority. Additionally, our agency faced the task of enhancing the website's usability and product discovery to create a seamless customer experience.


Our team undertook a complete website revamp, focusing on UX/UI improvements and branding to mirror The Saree Room's high-quality products. We prioritized product discovery and SEO optimization, ensuring a more intuitive and engaging online shopping experience. Our solutions were paired with continuous improvement and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to constantly learn and implement better strategies for our clients.
amazing homepage

Engaging Entry Point

tWe reimagined The Saree Room's homepage, emphasizing quick access to product categories right below the fold. This strategic placement led to increased conversion rates, as data showed customers who navigated quickly to category pages were more likely to make a purchase.

Streamlined and Intuitive

Our focus extended to the website's navigation, particularly on collection-based browsing. We addressed stock availability frustrations by integrating visible stock levels on collection pages, allowing customers to focus on available sizes, thereby reducing potential frustration.
Collection Page

Tailored for Availability

In the Collection Base section, we tackled one of the major pain points: the frequent out-of-stock situations for popular items. We enhanced the collection pages by allowing customers to filter based on stock levels. This feature ensured that customers could focus on available items in their size, significantly reducing the likelihood of frustration and improving the shopping experience.
responcive design

Seamless Across Devices

Next, we addressed the website's mobile responsiveness. Our aim was to provide a consistent and engaging experience across all devices. We optimized both the aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that The Saree Room's products were displayed beautifully and accurately on mobile platforms, enhancing the overall customer experience.
Product Page

Enhancing Shopping Experience

On the product page, we showcased outfits instead of individual items, significantly increasing average order value and simplifying the shopping process. This approach enabled customers to easily visualize and assemble complete outfits.
A/B Testing
Shopify Plus

Balancing Journey with Strategic Upselling

We refined the cart experience, incorporating seamless upsell strategies that complemented customer purchases without interrupting their journey. This approach enhanced the shopping experience while subtly increasing average order values.

A new vision

A new vision

A new vision

A new vision

Building Trust and Confidence

Recognizing the unique needs of a South Asian fashion boutique, we enriched the website with supportive pages like detailed FAQs, size charts, and lookbooks. These resources provided customers with the confidence and trust needed to make informed purchases at any point in their journey.
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