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This case study presents a journey of transformation from an outdated e-commerce system to a dynamic and flexible online retail platform for JC Perreault, a large Canadian furniture and appliance store. The story unfolds the challenges faced by JC Perreault, the innovative solutions provided by our agency, and the subsequent improvements achieved.
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JC Perreault was constrained by an antiquated and rigid e-commerce platform, hampering their ability to expand and evolve in line with their business growth. The restrictive nature of the platform undermined their capacity to prioritize content and enhance user usability. As a large brand, there was a looming threat of stagnation and decline if they failed to establish an adaptive and scalable online solution. Their competitors were venturing into versatile online platforms, heightening the urgency of the transition.


To overcome the constraints, our agency proposed a shift to Shopify Plus, a hosted e-commerce solution renowned for its flexibility and scalability. The migration involved a careful integration of JC Perreault's catalog and inventories onto the new platform while constructing bespoke features to meet specific business requirements. This strategic shift empowered the JC Perreault team to refine and expand their content and marketing strategies online, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. The solution is an ongoing journey of improvement, grounded in conversion rate optimization (CRO), constantly implementing better solutions for enhancing customer experience.
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Simple Product pages

The primary objective of the product page design was simplicity. Our goal was to ensure that details were readily accessible, enabling customers to browse and identify the right products effortlessly. The ease of the product page experience empowered customers with confidence, knowing that they had chosen the right product for their needs.
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Unhindered Exploration: Crafting Intuitive Navigation

Effortless navigation was a cornerstone of our design process. We aimed to remove any barriers that might obstruct the customer's journey from the homepage to their chosen product. By providing clear, intuitive navigation, we were able to guide customers smoothly, enhancing their browsing experience and promoting product discovery.

Curated Discoverability: Enhancing Collection and Merchandising

We integrated visual filtering and advanced filtering capabilities into the platform to ensure a seamless transition from collection to product. The aim was to prevent customers from feeling overwhelmed, enabling them to find the right fit for their needs easily. The enhanced search and refinement features ensured quick and efficient product discovery, making the website a delightful space for exploration.
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A new vision

A new vision

A new vision

A new vision

Immersive Experiences: Prioritizing Rich Content across the Website

For JC Perreault, inspiring customers was paramount. We prioritized rich content across the site, incorporating images, lookbooks, flyers, catalogs, and promotions to inspire and engage customers. The goal was to create an immersive shopping environment that inspired customers and encouraged them to explore and shop around. By emphasizing compelling content, we transformed their online store into a world that captured imaginations, offering a truly enhanced shopping experience.
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