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Explore the transformation of Partake Foods' website, designed to showcase their growing product line and boost their online presence amidst a period of rapid expansion.
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As Partake Foods experienced rapid growth and expanded into major retailers like Trader Joe's and Walmart, their website struggled to keep up. Designed initially for their core product, cookies, the site lacked the capacity to showcase their growing range of offerings. The challenge was to develop a new website that aligned with their updated brand strategy and enhanced visual identity while effectively conveying the brand's key message and consistent commitment to allergy-friendly products.


Our agency stepped in to revamp Partake Foods' website, building it on a customizable Online 2.0 platform that allowed the brand to work with modular blocks. With a focus on continuous improvement and conversion rate optimization (CRO), we ensured the new website was adaptable and effective for engaging their customers.
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Establishing Trust in Allergy-Friendly Claims

To showcase Partake Foods' commitment to allergy-friendly products, we designed product pages and information sections that emphasized the safety and trustworthiness of their offerings. By reinforcing their primary message, we ensured customers took their allergy-friendly promise seriously and felt confident in their purchase decisions.
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Streamlined Navigation for New Products

Our team created collection pages featuring quick and easy filters, allowing customers to shop by product group while introducing them to new product lines Partake Foods was launching. This intuitive navigation encouraged exploration and facilitated seamless customer experiences on the brand's expanding website.
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