Joelle, a rapidly growing Canadian fashion brand, faced challenges with their online presence as they struggled to align their website's functionality, aesthetics, and merchandising with their rapid expansion and distinctive brand identity. Our agency stepped in to revitalize Joelle’s digital identity with advanced technology and user-centered design, ensuring the website mirrored Joelle’s core values while boosting customer experience and engagement.
increase in conversion rate
decrease in bounce rates
increase in Average Order Value


Scaling Up to Meet Demand: Joelle's swift growth highlighted limitations in their website’s design, functionality, and merchandising. The existing site inadequately represented Joelle's vibrant brand identity and struggled with managing their dynamic product releases, negatively affecting customer experience and brand consistency.

Agency’s Strategic Challenge: Our challenge extended beyond a simple redesign. We aimed to infuse the website with Joelle's essence. This involved achieving a balance between aesthetics and functionality and creating a platform that could effortlessly handle dynamic content, ensure easy navigation, and provide a seamless shopping experience.


Customized Digital Overhaul: We transformed Joelle's online presence, integrating leading-edge technology like Algolia and Gorgias. Our focus was to create a website that not only supported Joelle’s creative flair and frequent product launches but also served as a continuously evolving platform. We incorporated ongoing improvement and conversion rate optimization (CRO) to adapt and perpetually enhance the user experience.
Product page
responsive design

Product page

The revamped product page was designed to provide comprehensive information effortlessly. We implemented intuitive merchandising logic, enabling customers to explore products, shop the look, and complete their style journey in a unified and engaging manner.
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Checkout Process

The redesigned cart was crafted to be subtly efficient. It includes upselling features, ensuring a confident and smooth checkout experience, enhancing customer satisfaction, and increasing sales potential.
collection page
collection page

Intuitive Browsing Experience

The collection page was reimagined as a seamless browsing hub. The top-level navigation was designed for quick product discovery, while strategically placed inner blocks were used for promoting releases and special offers, optimizing customer engagement and site interaction.
quick add feature

Effortless Shopping Dynamics

The Quick View feature acts as a dynamic product preview tool. It allows customers to rapidly add multiple items from various collections, maintaining their shopping momentum and enhancing the overall browsing and purchasing experience.
lookbook page
lookbook page
lookbook page

Visual Style Narratives:

The lookbook page, vital for a design-focused brand like Joelle, was crafted to be both sleek and functional. It enables customers to visualize and purchase entire looks or individual pieces, effectively showcasing Joelle's design narrative and facilitating style-centric purchases.
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