In this case study, we recount our transformative work with Clarius, a disruptive ultrasound scanner provider. We'll explore how we revamped their website to simplify the buying journey, clarify product and software options, and provide comprehensive data for easy and confident purchasing decisions.
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Clarius, a cutting-edge ultrasound scanner provider, found itself facing unique challenges. Their innovative approach of offering specialized scanners for various medical specialties was a stark contrast to the industry norm of 'one-scanner-fits-all.' This resulted in customers visiting their website unsure of the right scanner for their needs. Furthermore, Clarius offered different software packages for each scanner, adding another layer of complexity to the customer's decision-making process. The website was not self-sufficient and often required customers to contact the sales team, inhibiting smooth transactions.


In response to these challenges, we took a novel approach: we completely revamped Clarius' website to create a clear buying journey. By incorporating intuitive widgets and a straightforward navigation structure, we ensured customers could easily understand their options and make confident purchasing decisions. As with all our solutions, this new approach was accompanied by a commitment to continuous improvement and conversion rate optimization (CRO) to further enhance the buying experience.

Simplifying Options for Specialized Scanners

Clarius offers its customers a choice between a subscription membership for their software or a one-time purchase. This distinction was vital as each option catered to a specific target market. Our primary goal for the product page was to present these options in a manner that customers could easily comprehend. We wanted to ensure that each customer knew exactly what option was right for them, promoting confidence in their purchasing decision.
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Harmonizing Data for Easy Decisions

he task of presenting a multitude of data without overwhelming customers was a complex one. We strived to maintain a balance of providing necessary information while ensuring the website remained easy to navigate. We incorporated consistent data display mechanisms throughout the website, guiding customers through each step of the buying journey
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The Shopping Cart: Reflecting the Hierarchical Purchasing Decisions

The final piece of our solution was a uniquely designed shopping cart that represented the hierarchical nature of Clarius' product and add-ons. As customers moved through the buying journey, main products were purchased with various complementary software products and add-ons. The cart mirrored this hierarchy, showcasing the main product with all its associated extras, providing a clear and concise overview of the customer's purchases.