Our agency successfully collaborated with Brüush to transform their website, clarify product offerings, and streamline the purchasing process, resulting in increased conversion rates and ongoing improvements for customer satisfaction.


Bush approached us when their brand was growing rapidly. They faced challenges with customers getting confused about their offerings, specifically the relationship between one-time purchases and recurring accessories, refills, pricing, and promotional offers. This confusion extended to the purchasing flow, which required our agency's expertise to resolve.


We devised a comprehensive strategy that involved refining product pricing, reimagining the purchasing concept, and reconstructing the shopping cart. As part of our commitment to excellence, we continuously implemented improvements and applied conversion rate optimization techniques to learn and provide better solutions for Bush's customers.
increase in conversion rate
decrease in bounce rates
increase in Average Order Value
Product page

Reinventing the Product Page for Clarity

Our agency revamped the product page by replacing the traditional one-time purchase and subscription purchase options with a more straightforward approach. We introduced the concept of purchasing a toothbrush with or without a refill plan, which simplified the offerings and reduced customer confusion.

This change led to a positive increase in conversion rates on the product page as customers could easily identify the right choice for them.

Rebuilding the Shopping Cart for Transparency

We redesigned the shopping cart to prioritize clear, easily understandable information. By breaking down the user's cart into manageable chunks, we provided full transparency regarding one-time purchases, refill plan commitments, subtotals, shipping prices, and the checkout process.

These changes boosted customer confidence by ensuring that they had the right items in their cart and clear billing expectations, ultimately reducing confusion.
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