Matt & Nat

Partnering with online retailer Matt & Nat, we revamped their outdated website with a new theme, curated sections, and a mobile-first design. We introduced an interactive navigation system that improved user experience, leading to increased conversion rates, reduced bounce rates, and a higher average order value. This partnership includes ongoing initiatives for continuous website enhancements and conversion rate optimization.

Crafting an Engaging
First Impression

We focused on creating a visually attractive homepage that connects with customers on an emotional level, segmenting them into different product groups and clearly showcasing all product types supported by Mat & Nat.


Mat & Nat faced numerous challenges with their outdated, non-functioning website that hindered their growth and creative campaigns. The slow website was not visually representative of the brand and its premium quality products and relied heavily on their old developers.


We worked closely with Mat & Nat to identify key milestones and outcomes, starting from a blank Online Store 2.0 theme. We built curated sections to support their internal product creation and launch processes, and collaborated with their creative team to ensure the aesthetics were always up-to-date. The projects was followed up with ongoing improvement and CRO initiative to continue learning and improving key KPIs.
increase in conversion rate
decrease in bounce rates
increase in Average Order Value
collection page

Streamlined Browsing for Enhanced Customer Connection

We designed each category page with a large lifestyle banner image to help customers visualize products in their daily lives. We minimized distractions by hiding product swatches and information, only revealing them on hover to create a more enjoyable browsing experience.
responcive design

Prioritizing Mobile-first Design for Higher Conversions

Recognizing the significant percentage of customers shopping on mobile devices, we adopted a mobile-first design approach to ensure seamless user experience and optimized conversions

Visual Navigation for Effortless Product Discovery

We introduced a visually engaging and interactive navigation system with hover effects to help customers find the right products quickly and efficiently, while offering a bird's eye view of all available product types and new releases.
App Dev.
A/B Testing
Shopify Plus
Custom app

Putting Products Front and Center

We adopted a minimalistic, refined approach for the product pages, emphasizing product images and allowing for ample negative and white space. This design supported easy browsing through different colors, brands, and styles, enhancing the overall shopping experience.
Product page
size & materials guides

Product Information
for Informed Decisions

We revamped product details to include crucial information such as sizes, style types, shipping and return policies, dimensions, and more. We connected each product to a season or launch, helping customers understand the context and fashion direction of Mat & Nat's offerings.
A new vision

Some More Details

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typography & color pallete