The Patch Brand

We helped The Patch Brand increase their website's conversion rates and educate customers by revamping the product page, retweaking the collection page, and increasing education on the supporting pages.
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The Patch Brand's website had a functional design and branding, but it wasn't converting at the rate they wanted. We found that customers didn't understand the benefits of the new category of products they offered. We had to find a way to simplify the information for customers without overloading them with details.


We redesigned and redeveloped key pages like the product page, the collection page, and supporting pages to make it easier for customers to understand the unique selling points of The Patch Brand vitamins. We added emphasis on the ingredients and how they worked on the product page, prioritized variety packs and bundles while still showcasing individual SKUs on the collection page, and increased education on the patch's science and technology on supporting pages.
Product page

Ingredients That Matter

To make it easier for customers to understand the benefits of The Patch Brand vitamins, we revamped the product page to put a bigger emphasis on the ingredients and why they worked. By doing so, we saw a significant increase in conversion rates on the product page. Customers wanted to know the exact formulation of the patches to ensure they were confident in the product's performance.
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The Power of Bundles

We retweaked the collection page to ensure that variety packs and other bundles were prioritized while still showcasing individual SKUs. This prioritization ensured that the average order value stayed high, and customers were more likely to try multiple products, increasing their likelihood of becoming a recurring customer for The Patch Brand.
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Understanding the Science

We increased education on the supporting pages, especially about the patch, which is the vehicle between the formulation of The Patch Brand vitamins and how it's delivered to consumers. We focused on why the patch was the best way to take vitamins and the science and technology behind it to ensure that customers were confident that this was the right product for them.
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