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Our mission was to design a dedicated loyalty website for Ta Appliance, a leading Canadian appliance company. The goal was to enhance customer loyalty by providing exclusive discounts, perks, and savings on small appliances. This project entailed the development of a custom loyalty app, a highly functional and intuitive interface, and an inspirational content-rich site that would encourage customer interaction.
Amazing homepage

Making a Powerful First Impression: The Homepag

The homepage was designed to captivate and inspire visitors. Laden with compelling visuals and engaging content, it presented an array of small appliances, encouraging customers to explore how they might enhance their homes. This content-heavy approach ensured that loyal customers would have a constant source of inspiration for new purchases.
increase in conversion rate
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Ta Appliance sought to break new ground in their customer engagement by launching a loyalty website that would offer a unique shopping experience, specifically tailored to their existing customers. However, they encountered a significant challenge: no available market tools met their loyalty site's specific requirements. In addition, there was a risk of wasting resources on a low-performing site that customers might not adopt.


Our agency responded to these challenges by developing a custom loyalty app, incorporating all the business rules and requirements necessary to provide maximum value to Tia's customers. The website was designed to be visually appealing, content-rich, and easy to navigate, enhancing the overall customer experience and incentivizing repeat visits. We also made sure to build the website in a way that allowed for continuous improvement and conversion rate optimization (CRO) to learn from user behavior and implement better solutions.

Category Pages: Streamlined Product Selection

Our design for the category pages was a critical aspect of the seamless customer experience on the Tia Appliance loyalty website. These pages were carefully organized and structured to offer clear, efficient navigation through the various product assortments. With the help of strategic filtering and visual cues, we facilitated customer decisions, allowing them to quickly identify and select the product that best met their needs.
responsive design
clear navigation

Optimized Navigation: Making Product Discovery Effortless

In order to facilitate product discovery, we implemented an intuitive navigation system that allowed customers to easily jump from category to category. Be it from a content block, product page, or navigation menu, customers were continuously shown diverse product categories, ensuring sustained interest.
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The Product Page: Information at a Glance

We carefully crafted the product pages to provide all the necessary information at a glance while minimizing clutter. With an expandable design, customers could access additional product details if they desired. Emphasis was placed on the product gallery and essential pricing information. Moreover, we enabled customers to view their personalized pricing and promotional reward pricing simultaneously, empowering them to make informed decisions.
product page
A new vision
A new vision

Content-First: Inspiring Customers Across the Website

The loyalty website was designed with a content-first approach, with inspiration as the underlying theme. Whether customers were browsing products, reading about appliances, or navigating through different categories, we ensured that they had a steady flow of engaging and inspiring content that would motivate them to explore further and make a purchase.