Montreal Weights

This case study explores our endeavor with Montreal Weights, a renowned Canadian fitness equipment brand. The collaboration centered around tackling the slowdown issues of their high-traffic website and making it self-sustainable for the team to manage, all while maintaining a streamlined online shopping experience for their customers.
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Montreal Weights, despite enjoying popularity and high traffic on their website, began to encounter diminishing returns due to frequent slowdowns during peak times. The website's inefficiency was a nightmare for the team to manage independently, leading to an over-reliance on an external firm for even the most basic updates.


Our solution involved building an extremely light and sectioned website, designed for easy edits, ensuring a clean and well-structured code. We empowered the Montreal Weights team to independently adjust promotional blocks, sections, copy, and images, enabling efficient merchandise of their website. As always, our solutions are backed by continuous improvement and CRO to keep refining the customer experience and outcomes.
responsive design

Optimizing for Mobile-First Experience

Given the mobile-first preference of their customers, we ensured that the new website was highly responsive and performed exceptionally well on mobile platforms. The resultant website was much more engaging, evident from increased user activity compared to the previous version.
product page

Simplifying the
Product Page

The product page was designed to be simple yet packed with crucial information. Clear pricing, finance options, included items, essential specs, and warranty details were placed at the forefront. As customers scrolled deeper into the page, less crucial details were presented, ensuring a balance between comprehensive information and simplicity.

Enhancing the Catalog Navigation

Visitors to the Montreal Weights website were goal-oriented, hence we needed to get them to the right product catalog quickly. We introduced strategic navigation choices, visual filters, and product comparisons to expedite the customers' journey towards their ideal product, avoiding confusion or website abandonment.

Crafting Clear Cross Sales and Upsells

With a catalog of very similar products, we wanted to avoid inducing analysis paralysis among customers. Our approach was to clearly highlight the differences between products, describing their unique features and relevance to varying customer needs. This strategy ensured that customers were left with at most two optimal choices, simplifying their decision-making process.
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Reducing Options to Increase Clarity

We recognized that too many similar product options could lead to customer confusion, potentially causing them to abandon the website. To address this, we focused on describing product differences explicitly and tailoring product descriptions to individual customer needs. This tactic successfully narrowed down customer choices to a maximum of two optimal options, thus reducing decision fatigue and simplifying the shopping experience.
Bundle builder feature

Building a Custom Bundle for Olympic Weights

Understanding the unique requirements of customers interested in Olympic weights, we created a custom bundle builder. This tool allowed customers to mix and match products based on their preferences and requirements, providing a personalized shopping experience. It ensured that customers could get exactly what they needed, enhancing customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat business.
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A new vision
A new vision

Building Trust through Transparency"

People connect with people, not just products. Recognizing this, we built a page dedicated to showcasing the passionate team behind Montreal Weights. Featuring their stories, expertise, and commitment to fitness, this page humanized the brand, allowing customers to connect on a deeper level. This connection fostered trust and loyalty, contributing to repeat purchases and long-term customer relationships.
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