Stereo Plus

This case study delves into our transformative work with Stereo Plus, a prominent electronics retailer. Our mission was to consolidate multiple acquisitions under one umbrella, offering a unified online platform capable of managing a vast catalog and individual store inventories. The goal was to create a seamless, customer-friendly experience that allowed for easy navigation, accurate inventory information, and a robust product presentation.
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Stereo Plus faced a colossal task following several acquisitions; consolidating disparate platforms into one cohesive online retail portal. They needed to manage a vast catalog, track the inventory of numerous physical stores, and present this data to customers accurately. On top of that, the challenge lay in creating a user-friendly interface that made product searching, filtering, and navigation intuitive despite the enormous product range.


We implemented an integrated platform that could handle the extensive catalog and manage the inventory of all their stores in real-time. This ensured accurate representation of product availability, both online and in-store. We built robust backend systems that automatically updated the platform with any changes in the database, reducing the margin of error and miscommunication with customers. Our solutions were continuously refined through constant improvement and conversion rate optimization, enabling us to better serve Stereo Plus's customer base.
Product page

Real-Time Product & Inventory Showcase

We crafted product pages that prioritized clarity and easy navigation. Interlinking capabilities allowed customers to see different variants like screen sizes or colors. We ensured real-time inventory status from different stores was displayed, enabling customers to make informed decisions about online or in-store purchases.

Home & Merchandising

The challenge of a vast catalog was met with a carefully designed homepage. We facilitated easy, intuitive navigation, allowing customers to quickly locate and shop for products from the right categories. The focus was on preventing customer bounce by ensuring they found what they needed with minimal effort.
subpages & Details
A new vision
A new vision

Beyond Products

We extended our design philosophy to the creation of supporting pages. These pages highlighted brand promotions and served as information hubs, offering details about different store locations and other relevant data. By doing this, we painted a comprehensive picture of the Stereo Plus brand, enriching the overall customer experience.
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