Nona Lim

This case study chronicles our collaboration with Nona Lim, an extraordinary food company offering authentic Asian flavors for at-home preparation or ready-to-go meals. We tackled various challenges in transforming their website, making it a vivid reflection of their brand's rich heritage and exceptional product lines. We successfully delivered a website that not only showcased the energy of Nona Lim but also introduced an efficient e-commerce system for their diverse food products.
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Nona Lim entered the market with a website that was insufficient in portraying the depth of their brand value. The brand was much more than a provider of quick, on-the-go meals or noodles. It encapsulated colors, flavors, and heritage that the existing website could not capture. Moreover, the platform did not effectively merchandise their products, limiting their capability to introduce new product lines and making online food purchase a less than optimum experience for the customers.


Our solution hinged on a close collaboration with Nona Lim's team and their branding agency. We embarked on a journey to overhaul their brand and develop a website that resonated with their market persona. We crafted a vibrant platform that not only showcased their unique product lines but also allowed flexibility for the introduction of new ones. Our focus remained on ensuring customer comfort in purchasing food online, backed by continuous improvement and CRO for sustained enhancements of the customer journey.
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Reengineering the Product Page

he product page's transformation was designed to showcase the diverse flavors and options Nona Lim offers. We meticulously distinguished the products into categories like 'cook at home' or 'ready to go', and introduced a subscription offering for customers who wished to keep their pantries stocked with their favorite Nona Lim products.
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Injecting Personality into Product Categories

Our approach towards product categories was to infuse them with unique personality, making each category feel special. From colors to appearances, to distinct top sections and headers, our goal was to make browsing through Nona Lim's products an enjoyable experience for customers.

Refining the Cart Experience

We streamlined the cart feature with an Ajax cart that slides out, ensuring it did not interrupt the customers' shopping experience. This allowed customers to accumulate a basket of products instead of focusing on single-item purchases. With a clear view of their total cart, customers could confidently explore and shop on the website.
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