This case study takes you through our successful collaboration with Cotidian, a prominent Canadian leisure brand. We embarked on a transformative journey, overcoming significant challenges to revamp their online boutique. Our tailored solutions not only enhanced the website's functionality and performance but also resulted in an engaging, adaptable and user-friendly digital platform that effectively serves trendy, high-quality apparel to Canadian women.
increase in conversion rate
decrease in bounce rates
increase in Average Order Value


Cotidian was initially equipped with a bare-bones website that was slow, buggy and underperforming, unable to keep up with the pace of the brand's vibrant merchandise. Their need was more than just a functional site; they required a dynamic, versatile platform capable of frequent adjustments in merchandising products, shuffling collection pages, and providing fresh experiences to returning customers. Their ideal scenario was a website that could seamlessly manage multiple versions and automate pricing while promoting their rich collection of international brands to the Canadian market.


Our strategic approach focused on visualizing the ideal scenario and then meticulously building it backwards. We began by enhancing the website's core structure, promoting swift launch strategies, automating pricing, and interlinking products and colors. We created a dynamic, high-performing platform that could adapt to the brand's needs and customer preferences. Emphasizing continuous improvement and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), we ensured ongoing learning and implementation of better solutions to elevate Cotidian's customer experience.
Product page
Product page

Product Management Shift

Cotidian's product page underwent a significant transformation. We decided to separate colors, creating distinct products for each color instead of nesting them under one product. This innovative approach not only boosted Google shopping ads and SEO performance but also enabled a flexible pricing strategy. We could now price lower performing colors without affecting the parent product, leading to an increased overall product visibility
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checkout page

Revitalizing the Cart Experience

We optimized the cart feature with a simplified Ajax cart that allowed users to add multiple products without disrupting their shopping activities. This uninterrupted shopping flow was crucial for Cotidian, aiming to increase its average order value. Our focus on the user journey resulted in a more streamlined, effortless shopping experience.

Everywhere Shopping: Unleashing Seamless User Experience

We aimed to create an environment where shopping could happen anywhere. From the homepage to collection pages, we made sure customers were not restricted to product pages to access information. Through dynamic color swatches and image filters, customers could see product variations at any stage, enhancing user engagement and product accessibility.
A new vision
A new vision

Content Merchandising: Reflecting Trends and Styles

We understood the importance of staying current with the trends of the brands Cotidian carries. Our team created content blocks that were easily managed by Cotidian's team. These blocks were designed to be intuitive and simple to use. With just a few key decisions regarding images and captions, the website could be transformed to look top-notch, relieving the team from the stress of design concerns.
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