Shopify Rebuild

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Shopify Rebuild for
enhanced user experience
and conversion optimization

The Challenge

Dyna Performance has been experiencing great success in their market and needed a new website to get them to the next milestone of their journey. With over 700+ product newly added to their catalog, they needed a website that can utilize advanced search/filtering engines that will offer users a friendly shopping experience to find the right product quickly.

The Brand

Inspired by their existing brand look, we decided to refresh their brand typography and color palette to make sure Dyna's brand stands out among the many competitors that all share a very similar look.

The Build

The website utilizes advanced search/filtering engine that allows users to easily filter and find the right products for their car make, year and model. To make sure users can get started immediately, we've implemented a product finder right on the home page.

Product Pages

Having three main product groups, we've decide to create three unique product template to tailor the shopper's experience. For custom steering wheels, we've implemented a product customizer on the product page that give the user's the ability to build their own custom wheel that will fit their car make, year and model.

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