After Hours

After Hours

After Hours - a Nightclub App for clients and a Venue App for club staff.
Easily look at the best clubs in your city. Book a table, choose a menu, add a group of friends via Facebook, and pay for your night together!

Nightclub App

The purpose of the application is to offer a large range of services such as searching, selecting and booking tables in the appropriate club for clients. Geolocation allows you to determine the nearest clubs relative to your current location or expected location. When choosing a particular club, the client receives the necessary information about the club such as the menu and services offered.

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Table reservation

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Search menu

A full range of clubs are available and easy to search for your convenience. Add to your booking the desired clubs and pay through the application. All that remains is to just show up!

That easy.

Venue app

Venue App (CRM system administations)

This application provides a direct interaction with the club staff. Management opportunities are open to everyone depending on the current position of the club employee. The app allows you to manage the registration of visitors of the club and generates statistical analysis of income and expenses at a given time period. It also allows for direct supervision of employees and accountability of their work, easy assignment of responsibility and simplicity of management actions and decision-making.

Analytics screen
– Venue app

Club analytics

Loss chart

Schedule of revenues

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