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Specialising in responsive web design design, effective branding, and targeted marketing, we work with brands in all stages of their business, looking to create cutting edge eCommerce solutions leveraging the industry’s proven practices.

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Our Process


Step 1. Research

Every great solution starts with in-depth research.
We’ll dive deep into your brand identity, define your target market and research your competitors, to determine what works and what doesn’t, figure out your USP and figure out the best strategy to use for your business.


Step 2. Prototype

To make sure that the final deliverables meet the requirements, we need to first make sure that we’re on the same page and that our solution is perfectly aligned with your objectives.


Step 3. Design

After getting the green light on the wireframe, we will go on to add visual elements that will get equip our developers with everything they need to set their best foot forward.


Step 4. Development

Our backend and front-end developers will build a custom product that matches the pre-defined requirements and your business case. Note that even though everything will be custom-built, you will be able to make edits to your website at any given point.


Step 5. Launch

Once everything’s ready, we’ll launch the website and set up the analytics to give you detailed insight into your performance which you can use to test and optimise your website elements and offers.


Step 6. Support

We give all our clients 15 to 30 days warranty, depending on the scope of the project. What’s more, we will become partners for life, and be around to offer you a helping hand for anything you need in the future.


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