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This is how you get people to love you. This is how you get them to look over the steeper price tag. This is how you get loyalty. This is how you can beat Amazon.

Makro Agency is a Canadian based branding agency with the aims to create new timeless brands or help existing companies get a fresh new look!

Some of our Toronto
Branding Projects

Branding For Oli company based in Canada
Logo Design for Jumpoff company
Branding for Toronto brand Karmel
Branding for infinite Beauty products
Logo Design and branding for Dose of Happy
Branding for toronto company

Branding is a customer's gut feeling about a product, a service or a company

– Marty Neumeier.

Branding is much more than just a logo, or colours, or even packaging. it is much much more than that. At Makro we don't focus on designing a logo, anyone can do that. What we focus on is building brands that people love and trust. We focus on building the right brand for the right target market. If you are a new Toronto business looking for help with branding, or an existing business looking to fresh new look that can resonate with your customer, contact us and let's create something create!

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Building a brand that people will love and follow is the key to long term success

Branding is a collection attributes that make up a brand. It's the name, the tone, the visuals, the colours, and much more that come together to give one consistent brand personality that customer trust and follow. Our 360 branding service  includes strategy, identity and activation to truly understand the target customer, map out what they would liek to see, here and feel, create the identity that will suit their desire and follow up with all the collateral that they will soon be consuming and using on a daily basis. Long term success comes from the ability to create new product line while having customer blindly trust the brand's capability of delivering an amazing product of service.

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The branding process is as important as the outcome.

A great brand does so much for your business. A brand must be built on a sound brand strategy that follow through out the brand message, tone, visual identity and activation. Branding in 2020 has never been more important. Consumer trusts products and services that have a good brand image since they appear to have a superior product or service. A Brands identity should follow whoever the brand goes. A well designed branded website will win over consumer over the competitor if they have a gut feeling that your product or services will be better. If you are a Toronto company looking to a buidl a new rband or refresh an exciting brand, we have just the right branding package for you.

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Our Branding


Step 1. Research

The branding process starts with research. We need to truly understand the product/services, the market that it will compete in, the primary and secondary target market. What are their problems, what are they looking for, what factors influence their decision. We analyze a multitude of point to determine the appropriate brand strategy.


Step 2. Define Your brand

The next branding step is to determine the value and attribute of your brand. We will define it's personality, it's value, its' responsibility, while looping in how all of these aspects will be liked to it's imagery, tone of voice and communication


Step 3. Visual Identity

Next we will begin by developing the brands' visual identity. This is a 3 weeks process where we will begin with the initial logo design. As we refine the brand we will start adding on to the initial branding design to end up with a final logo, colour palette, brand font as well a letterheads and business cards.


Step 4. Brand Activation

Once the brand's visual identity has been created, we can move on to create a multitude f activation such as label design, packaging design, website design and a lot more to get the brand ready for launch.


Step 5. Brand Launch

At this stage the branding is all done and it is time to launch the new brand into the market. The branding work will all be found in a company brand guideline which can be use by your internal or external team to make sure they have all the information they need to create assets while staying consistent with the brand look and strategy.


Step 6. Support

We are always around for any of our Toronto branding clients. We are always ready to create new marketing asset, website, or any asset that your brand might need in the future1



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Research & Insights
Brand Archetype
Brand Positioning
Brand Story
Tone & Message
Brand Architecture


Visual Identity
Color & Type
Brand Guidelines
Look & Feel
Art Direction


Brand Rollout
Branded Content
Social Strategy
Content Strategy

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